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Erin & Tom

I think one of the things that makes a wedding so special is that it’s a milestone, not just for the couple, but for everyone present. On a wedding day, you experience the full spectrum of emotion. You reflect on the past, live in the moment and dream about the future. It’s not something we tend to do every day. Of course, love and happiness fills the air at every wedding, but if you look deeper, there is always much more going on. No story is simple.

Erin and Tom both lost their fathers some years ago. I know first hand, the grief of loosing someone close; it’s something you carry with you, in part, forever. Photographing their wedding, I could feel the gravity of the day. On days like these, it’s like life gets condensed into a single day. Everything is amplified. Some chapters close, others begin. It’s a beautiful thing.

Featured on Hello May

For something different, I brought along my Tachihara 4×5 wooden field camera a.k.a. the Tachy. So no, those are not fancy photoshop filters. That’s the real deal.

A big thanks to my buddy Oli Sansom for coming along to shoot with me.

Venue – Abbotsford Convent

Dress – Paolo Sebastian 

Hair/Makeup – Miss Gertrude

Flowers – I (Heart) Flowers

  1. Lauren Marie — These photographs are so beautiful! I love them!
  2. Mel — Love this, just beautiful!
  3. Adam Grant — Incredible imagery. Just stunning…as always
  4. Floral Ceremony Arches — […] Shoes; 6- Katie Lopez Photography/Celebrations by Design/Xquisite Events via Style Me Pretty; 7- Eric Ronald via Chic Vintage Brides; 8- Heart and Colour via The Lane; 9- Whitney Neal Photography/Jaclyn […]
  5. MegRuth — Your artistry is incredible. Found the arch kiss photo on Pinterest and I’m so glad I clicked through to find the rest of your work. Breathtaking. And fully inspiring me to shoot better.
  6. Anthea — So many beautiful moments and such a great story 🙂
  7. Dan Hand — I love that kiss shot under the arch, so beautiful!
  8. Jai Long — awesome work. Love the 4×5 shots 🙂
  9. tobiah — wonderful! you know light, so so well! love the shot of her putting her dress on!
  10. Marianne — This wedding is absolutely gorgeous and sweet! The bride’s dress..so unique! Your shots of the bride and then the couples portrait photos are amazing!
  11. Marianne Taylor — Loving your storytelling. And her dress! And the unexpected round/triangle/etc frames. Lovely.
  12. Becca Dilley — I am actually really blown away by this set of images. There is such a “still life” quality to so many of them – a little dark and composition-ful, and a quiet-ness to them. I was really surprised to see how they all fit together into this wonderful story of a wedding day – the whole is very emotional and lively, even though the individual images are so still. And I love your inclusion of the different shapes of images – it brings an editorial feel to the curation. Just very thought provoking. Also, obviously, beautiful.
  13. Andrea Javarauckas — Wow, great style…the couple at the end of the tunnel is an EPIC shot! Nice work.
  14. rahul — Love your tones and your style….its so refreshing to view. Beautiful.
  15. Alyda — Awwwww yeah! Big time love for this one e-dawg. Ya little clever face
  16. Mark Pacura — Great coverage. I love their portraits, nice work!
  17. Mike Cassimatis — Fantastic work. Your processing compliments your style really well.

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