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Who is Eric

Hey friends!

I never would have thought I’d be a ‘wedding photographer’ but in retrospect it’s no surprise. I have always been curious about people and stories in all of their various forms. Some call it ‘art’.

The Beatles, Stanley Kubrick, Aretha Franklin, Caravaggio, Drake, Cartier-Bresson, Rodger Deakins, Rembrandt, Richard Avedon, Bruce Springsteen (the list goes on!) have and always will be an eclectic diet for my soul.

Today I find myself with a love of making pictures and stories for real people. It so happens that a good place to do that is on a wedding day for a loved-up radical couple… like you.

Ultimately this gig about using honouring the lives and moments playing out in front of you. My life to this point both personally and professionally has offered some good foundations to do that.

In my life I love those close to me dearly.  I helped bring my wonderful son into this world – watching him grow and help raise him being the highlight of my life. I held my brothers hand as he passed away, far too young – he taught me that it’s ok to be me, to be resilient and to not waste a day. I have a deep love connection with my partner – always learning, always growing, sharing the same passion. I have parents who have always encouraged and supported me in every way they can – their commitment, resilience and sacrifice beyond words. I have through the twists and turns found people that have taught me what true friendship is. What it is to be alive, and its impermanence is not lost on me.

Professionally my background is in filmmaking and studio television which helped shape my eye and build a visual vocabulary to create and express – something that I continue to enjoy playing with, exploring and expanding on today.

I believe the only real currency of life is our relationships. When it’s all said and done it’s the only thing that matters.

We’ll definitely make some cool pictures together that you’ll be stoked with, but we’ll also make so much more.


















Alternatively hit me on eric@ericronald.net


Where are you?

You can take the boy out of the country, and put him in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia. Home of trendy haircuts, açai bowls, 24 hour kebab shops and kick-ass wedding photography.

How much do you cost?

I’m not for sale but my wedding photography services most definitely are. For info and pricing please get in touch using the contact form above or clicking that annoying contact button floating around all over the place.

Our wedding is in a galaxy far, far away. You down?

I love the variety of what I do. It keeps me fresh. I also love to travel, very much. So whether you are getting married close to home here in Melbourne/Victoria/Australia, or in exotic far away lands please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you. 

What do we get?

There’s a lot more info on this in my pricing guide, but in a nutshell…

After your wedding you can expect small preview selection of images before your wedding goes into my editing cue. Once your edit has been completed I will send through a slideshow (these are SO good), followed by you very own online gallery containing your full collection of images to view, download, share and even order prints should you wish. 

You can expect to receive hundreds of beautifully edited images in you full collection varying depending on what package you go for. Don’t worry though I will always give you too many images rather than not enough.

Do you do albums?

Yes indeed. Albums are the ultimate way to present your wedding story. I guarantee beautifully designed & printed, non-cheesy album goodness. These guys will live on your coffee table, not under the bed. No tweezers or white gloves required. For info and pricing please get in touch.

I’ve won some awards for my albums, which is cool. 

Do you do family photos?

I know, I know, they can be a pain but I do encourage all my couples to get onboard the family portrait train. For the sake of 15 minutes of your precious time we can keep the mums and dads happy and create a lovely record of you with your loved ones (so that in years time you can look look at how much everyone has aged and how funny everyones hairstyles and outfits look). In terms of the big ‘group photo’ of you and all of your guests, I personally don’t recommend for a number of reasons but will happily oblige if you have your heart set on it. 

What are your thoughts on an unplugged ceremony / not allowing guests to take photos?

In my role I try to keep impartial to such things. If all the guests are up taking photos on cameras, phones and iPads that will inevitably be part of the vibe of the ceremony which will be documented. However there are legitimate reasons to seriously consider the unplugged option . It allows me to take unobstructed photographs of the ceremony and importantly it encourages guests to be fully present and experience your ceremony in all of its glory.

We’d like to meet you to make sure that you’re not a creep.

Fair enough. I’d love to! I’m based in Prahran in Melbourne and am generally pretty flexible for in-person and online catch ups Monday-Friday during and after hours. 

Does anyone else tag along?

It all depends. Most of the time I shoot solo. I’m pretty into it, so I have a knack of being everywhere at ones. That said, once in a while (logistics, 300+ guests etc) an additional shooter may be a good idea in which case I can tee that up for you. Creatively speaking, if the wedding lends itself to me bringing my full lighting kit, having a lighting assistant can be extremely beneficial to the photos. 

Should we feed you?

If you can pop me down down for a vego meal at the reception that would be awesome. I’ll happily survive on my musli bars, bananas and coffee until then.

Do you work with videographers?

Yes, BUT… Do keep in mind that a general alignment of approach and experience is important. They can have a different visual style of course, but for the best results tt’s just syngery and working as a team with the common goal of kicking butt. I put a lot of thought and planning into portrait time and ask that they follow my lead during this time. Rest assured I happily work with many different videographers all the time and do what I can to ensure they the shots they need. Head to the FRIENDS section for some recommendations.

Eric! We are shitting our pants about getting our photo taken.

Don’t worry guys. That’s very normal. In fact most couples mention that at some point.  I’ve got your back! I hate getting my photo taken as well. I think it’s a good indicator that you’re a real human with a pulse. Making you feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera is an important part of my role and something that I take pride in. Ultimately that equates to natural and authentic photos and an enjoyable experience for you on your epic day which is super important as well. 

Ixnay on the pose, hey?

The whole posing thing can sometimes be a worry for couples which is totally understandable. No one wants to be pushed, pulled and bossed around on their most special of days. For me, very little of the day involves posing. During the portrait session, I keep things natural juices flowing while also offering a bit of direction/instruction/posting to craft and compose the images into something more beautiful, and also create the more conceptual stuff. If it’s a worry, don’t worry, we can always work out a game plan that suits you. Before and on the wedding day I’m always vibing on creating an environment in the portrait session that suits the couple, which is different each and every time. 

Some of your photos look ‘dark’ & ‘moody’. Will all of our photos look like that?

No! Absolutely not. Light is my friend and I love playing and using it in all of it’s many forms to create drama and dynamic in your wedding story. So yes, at times when appropriate I may rock a low-key (aka quiet/ dark/moody) look however that will always be far outweighed with high-key vibes (aka light/bright/airy). For me it’s all about playing with and utilizing the full spectrum of possibilities with light to create a beautiful set of images. Still confused or concerned? I’d be more than happy to talk your ear off about it when we catch up. 

We’re pretty overwhelmed with all the schedule stuff. Can you help?

Most definitely. I have a few weddings under my belt and if you wish I will happily help advise you on a schedule for the day to ensure we have plenty of time for you to enjoy everything and that we’re working with the best daylight available to make for pretty pictures. Either way I will always carefully put together my photography schedule for the day to ensure that I’ve got all of the info I need, we have a solid game plan in place and that we’re on the same page in terms of where I will be and when on the day.

Buddy old pal, can you hook us up with a cheeky little dealio?

If you’ve come this far than hopefully you’ve noticed I’m all about quality not quantity. I love what I do and I take on a limited amount of projects each year which allows me to fully invest myself into my craft and each project that I take on. Sadly this doesn’t leave me open to negations. That said, of course I understand that you have a budget to consider. So either way, please go ahead and get in touch and if I’m not your man I can happily point you in the right direction. 

I’m a photographer. Can you teach me stuff?

Absolutely. There’s always something cooking weather to be speaking at an event, running a workshop, or doing a mentor session. Simply connect with me on Instagram to stay updated. 

What is life?

Now that’s a good question. I often ask that myself. Not real sure as yet, but probably something to do with love, kindness, gratituderegular exercise, indoor pot-plants and a good cup of coffee. 


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  • Sweat Shop / Australia
  • Common Folk Camp / Australia
  • Farmshop / UK
  • ExposurePro / New Zealand
  • Snap Hoedown / Australia

Won some comps…

  • 3x AIPP Australia Album of the Year
  • International Wedding Photographer of the Year – Album
  • Junebug Best of the Best
  • AIPP Master Photographer
  • Rangefinder Annual
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