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Rangi & Pras / Part 1


One couple. Three weddings. Three countries – India, Sri Lanka & Australia.

After reading that I’m sure you’re asking yourself the same questions I first asked myself. Who? What? Why? Where? How? As I learnt more about Rangi & Prassana and their story, their religion and their culture I discovered that what they planned was perfect.

Part 1 of Rangi & Prassana’s story takes us to Southern India, not too far from Chennai. Prasanna and his family are Hindu and are from Chennai originally before they migrated to Australia many years ago. They have family who still live in India today whom I was lucky enough to meet.  Also, there were significant cultural sites, elements and traditions which made India an important first stop on Rangi & Pras’s three part love story.

Anyone who has been to India before knows how crazy the place can be – a total assault on the senses. Let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone but for me it’s food for the soul and there is peace to be found in its beautiful chaos. What is seemingly random seems to flow like poetry and it turns out the wedding itself was no exception. Photographically it was no easy task. In fact, it was bloody hard! I love a good schedule but the sooner I could let go of that feeble concept and release myself to the experience, the sooner I could fall into it and enjoy the ride I was on.  I could not have it without my love, Katie Harmsworth. I’m so grateful for how she immersed herself into this as she always does when I’m lucky enough to have her join me. For this wedding alone we shot over 5 days and took around 10,000 photographs.

Spending that much time with any couple you’re definitely going to get to know each other pretty well, but we could have never anticipated how well the four of us would connect. We shared special moments together, a few tears, and many, many laughs. Completely aside from the pictures below, what I really took away from capturing this story is the incredibly beautiful, joyful, and humbling experience and the precious human connections that I will always hold close to my heart.


Second Shooter – Katie Harmsworth

  1. Orsana — You present reality very nicely. Great frame, colors and atmosphere.
  2. Toni Abram — Absolutely stunning photos. So moving in ways that only a bride and groom will feel on there special day.
  3. Simon Fry — Beautifully captured, the colours and lighting are spectacular. India is definitely on the bucket list! Your bride and groom must be stoked with their wedding photos
  4. Shairie — Your photos are utterly moving.every shot tells a story 👌 I wish I had my wedding photos done by you!
  5. Katrina McCleave — Such a wonderful blend of nature (the sea and sky) with tradition. I’m in love with the bright colours and the romantic photographs. Congratulations to the beautiful couple and well done Eric and Kate.
  6. Ma. Rhenette Cabanero — The photos are breathtaking that are not divorced from reality. These photos capture a tale worth telling, and how each moment was artistically captured is something that a lot of couples only dream of having. I hope my friends Hannah Alcantara and Fernando Jativa will be able to win this! Their wedding will be on the 8th of July in Melbourne, Australia.
  7. Chloe Wiasak — These photos show so much beautiful emotion and love. You have captured the culture and emotions in such an artistic way. What a beautiful couple!
  8. Tillie Duckett — These photos are so spectacular. The light and shade, the contrast, the shadow, it’s all just so breathtakingly beautiful. Wow!
  9. Nicole Wilkinson — Wow what a beautiful memorable occasion clearly full of love, happiness n pure excitement xx I can see just from these pictures it was a very special day for all involved ~ very cultural and these pics really captivate that unique beauty that radiates and shows their beautiful love for one another
  10. Kerrie Farrell — WOW!! What beautiful emotion pictures, very talented. True Love does exist and not many people can see it any other way than thru these pictures. I’d love the photographer for myself ❤️
  11. Karen cross — Amazing, unique, beautiful, love culture and food, image of life these are right here, showing so much beauty that there still is in this world
  12. Krystal Inston — Absolutley stunning! I can feel the emotion in the photos – and any photographer who can do that has 100% respect from me!!
  13. Jaybuscombe — Absolutely stunning! What beautiful imagery. Well done 👍🏼
  14. Latha Deva — Ahhhh the feels!!! 😍 This collection belongs in a museum – it’s simply breathtaking and words don’t do it justice. Especially love the play with light and the shots framing their silhouettes. As an Indian, it’s honestly so refreshing to see your take on the traditional aspects of the ceremony. Many photographers, especially Western ones, find the colours jarring with the environment filled with lots of noise. You’ve effortlessly muted the clutter and singled out the couple so well, while focusing on all the important aspects of the ceremony. This is certainly testament to yours + Katie’s hard work to deliver only the best over and over again. Looking forward to their Lankan & Australian festivities! You’ve got a huge fan 💞
  15. Linda Graham — So much love coming through in your photos. Such a beautiful love story told in a culturally significant way
  16. Nicola Richardson — So much personality and love! What an amazing way to document a special day!!
  17. Bec — Ahhh documentary magic
  18. Dusk — Absolutely stunning!! Each photo feels like it’s the sum of a thousand stories. So so rich, full of depth and beauty. @inspirit_creative
  19. Flick Richardson — Stunning! So much love and totally beautiful! All the colour & contrast! ❤️
  20. Emily — Wow! what amazing photos. I love how artistic and creative the images and edits are! It’s like something out of a movie!
  21. Freya — Eric! Your work continues to blow me away! Wow!
  22. Morgane — Thus must have been an incredible aventure! You can tell by the beautiful and emotionally charged photos… amazing work, truly. Being French, with an Australian partner whom I met in Scotland (where my heart lies), I think we will also have to have 2 weddings: one in France, one in Australia… and honeymoon in Scotland!
  23. Emily — Stunning, an elegant way to capture such a stunning day! Love all these!
  24. Natasha — Has to be your most impressive blog post to date. This couple must be thrilled. You e captured the essence of their day so well
  25. Katie Miller — the colours are so vibrant and the way the light is arching these 2 is so stunning, such a beautiful story ❤️
  26. Vicky — Beautiful images full of vibrant colours that really capture genuine happiness. I also love the black and white image of Pras, amongst all the colour it really stands out and pulls you in.
  27. Vanessa Bird — Gosh I’ve looked through these 3 times over so much culture so much colour!!! Who needs a white wedding dress.
  28. Em Baker — Wow! These colours! Shows so much love, life and different world experience in these pics! Love them!
  29. Rosie Foster — Beautiful photos of a beautiful celebration!
  30. Danni Joyce — What stunning photos!! Thank you for sharing and thank you for allowing me to enter your amazing competition.
  31. Madison kitchen — Your photographs tell a story no amount of words could ever do justice. Thank you and the gorgeous couple for allowing us to share in their magic 💕
  32. Teri Nguyen — Hi Eric, thanks so much for your inspiration. You always remind to keep improving my own photography skills. I hope to be half as good as you one day. And keep those wedding albums coming!
  33. Samantha — 💕 this kicked me right in the feels! The colour, culture and emotion are just so beautiful… fabulous story telling! Can’t wait for part 2
  34. Natalie Testorelli — I fell in love again! The happiness and light emitting from the people, the saris, the air! Beautifully and respectfully photographed.
  35. Ella haywood — Looking forward to the rest of the photos from this adventure. And many more to come from you.
  36. Dani Hancock — What an epic love story! You have captured them, their spirit and the spirit of India so beautifully in these photos. Can’t wait for the next installments.
  37. Ange — What a story to tell and oh how you’ve told it well…! So beautiful, Eric. Killing it!
  38. Kathy Bevin — Stunning photos. Love the colour and movement but really, really love the simplicity and emotion of the black and whites. Just….wow!
  39. Elsa — Eric, these are out of this world amazing!!! Can’t wait for part 2 & 3!
  40. Erin — What an amazing story captured visually, through these stunning photos. Each photo looks like a story could be told about each. Incredible!
  41. Sarah Murphy — This is absolutely beautiful, the way you have captured this couples special is so soft, romantic and unique. It’s perfect that you have captured the emotion of the day and it has translated so perfectly. Love your work
  42. June — What stunning shots! I love the candid ones especially. Truly captured the moment and true beauty of the event and how it brings everyone closer on families. Especially multicultural ones. Well done!
  43. Angela — What a keepsake for this couple. Photos that tell such an amazing story in the most unique of styles. Love your work Eric.
  44. Emmanuel — Amazing work! I really like this style of photography, it reminds me of NatGeo stories. _mamny023
  45. Jess — Wow! Such a riot of colour, culture to celebrate love, life and family. Can’t wait to see the rest.
  46. Jean — Breathtaking…the array of colours is simply stunning.

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