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Natasa & Nigel

Where do I begin?

The first thing that you need to know is that Nigel is an old high school buddy of mine. I love him like a brother so it’s a shame that I don’t see much of him these days. He’s a journalist and spends a lot of his time based in Ramallah where he writes stories on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. Of all places, that is where these two met. Originally from Cyprus, Natasa worked in Palestine at the time they met, teaching Greek to some of the local children. They are both good people and spend their time doing good in the world. I really admire that about them.

Natasa grew up in the small Cypriot mountain village of Farmakas. It’s a special place. People are happy there. You get the sense that everything revolves around friends and family. The lives that the they live today would not be that much different to the generations before them. The people are deeply connected to their culture and traditions, which made Natasa and Nigel’s wedding that extra bit special.

The wedding took place in the ancient village of Fikardou, a short drive from Natasa’s village. Fikardou is a UNESCO world heritage listed site and said to be over 500 years old. Just a few people live their now who run the local tavern. I’m sure one day it will have a Starbucks and gift shop selling t-shirts and snow domes. For now, it’s the real deal. When you walk the abandoned streets, it really does feel like you’ve traveled back in time. The wedding was the first one there in recent times. For all we know, the last wedding in the village was literally hundreds of years ago. That’s pretty cool don’t you think?

I could go on, but that’s probably enough words. I’ll let the photos take it from here…

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Dress – Berta

Flowers – Sofia Charambolous

Hair – Hair Salon by Savvas

Makeup – Andreas Zen

Cake – Costantinos Pelavas

DJ – Mama Con Yuka

Invitations – IN TOTO

Groom’s Apparel –Massimo Dutti

  1. Georgia — Hi Eric – I have only just come across the photos of your friends’ wedding in Fikardou in 2014 – they are lovely and it is amazing to see the village from a different perspective. We have a home in Fikardou which we visit as often as we can but sadly we were not there when the wedding took place. Your photos have made the place come alive and everyone seemed so happy. Well done – superb photography!
  2. Corinne — Holy moly, Eric! My eyes are dripping tears onto the paper on my desk. This is some of the most magnificent wedding photography I have EVER seen. This is phenomenal. So many special moments in time – a look, a touch, a tear – captured forever. And having the music playing while I was scrolling through made it even more magical. Wow!
  3. Anthea — What a special celebration for you to be part of! Looking at these photographs make me feel as though I was there. That’s a true talent!
  4. Therese Winberg — The details and the moments is amazing in this wedding.
  5. Glenn Stephenson — An absolutely stunning set Eric- I love how it’s finished off with those two beautiful stars in the night sky. Gorgeous 😉
  6. Kathy O’connor — You have captured each moment beautifully. Thank you so much for being there, not only as the photographer but also as a special friend of Nigels
  7. Maria Martinez — Que belleza, todo muy romántico y tu muy bella felicidades
  8. Salah AbuEin — Wow! Congratulation guys! Super amazing photos! 🙂
  9. Yolande Marx — Wow what a wedding! Great moments, great use of light and stunning coverage overall!
  10. Christian — What an incredible mix of fun, funny, beautiful and touching. Great work.
  11. Dustin — Stunning work Eric!
  12. Jessie — I love their love story and what a beautiful historic location for a wedding. The first ceremony black and with is captivating. Beautiful work.
  13. Amy Farrell — So special to have the privilege of capturing a friends wedding day, beautiful images!
  14. Lina Qadri — Wow i could hear the music i could feel the breez .. Congratulatios from all my heart
  15. Mark — Top class storytelling. Love it!
  16. Xavier Celix — Que buen reportaje, muchas felicidades un beso grande.
  17. Tahnee — Oh my goodness, incredibly beautiful, Eric!
  18. Elysia Simons — love your stuff. So. Much. I literally cry everytime i go through a blog post.
  19. Oli — Dude. Brutal good. You’re a machine.
  20. Ben — Geez! What an experience. Top work man.
  21. Adonye Jaja — this is ridiculous! So wonderfully captured!
  22. Johanna — Love your ability to freeze time in photos. So beautiful!

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