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Katie & Corey

When doing anything creative, we find inspiration from inside and out. It could come from anywhere but for me, what fuels me most is people. When I photograph a wedding day, I love that I get to be so intimately involved and share in what will be the best day of the couple’s lives. I get to see them in a depth that even their closest friends and family may never see, the ‘real’ them. That is what inspires me.

The day before the wedding Katie and Corey picked me up in their car for a catch-up. We grabbed a coffee and they showed me around their home town of Tauranga, New Zealand. As we drove around exploring the place, we chatted about all kinds of stuff, just getting to know each other. We didn’t even talk about the wedding that much. It was fun and gave me a a real sense of what these two are about. They welcomed me into their lives and gave me their complete trust to capture their wedding day. It’s all I could ask for really.

Katie and Corey are such a kind and laid back couple who celebrated their wedding day in way that was so true to themselves. They both have such a peacefulness about them, so it’s no wonder that they found each other. In fact, that’s what their whole day was like, peaceful. 

Until the end that is, then it got a little crazy.

Featured on Hello May

Dress – Lover

Hair – Blow Hair Co

Makeup – Rococo Beauty Bar

Track – Matt Corby ‘Resolution’ (buy on iTunes here)

  1. Dan O’Day — killer job my friend… #nailedcentral
  2. David — dude! awesome work
  3. Matt Smith — That setting for the ceremony is seamless! What a beautiful moment for the couple. Love the brides dress to mate, simplicity. The raw old factory is epic also.
  4. Sachin — inspiring wedding .. love their style. I pinned a lot 🙂 Beautiful work man!
  5. Nora — Awesome work. Especially love that black and white shot under the tree. Simply stunning.
  6. Shahriar — Beautiful work. Love your b&w images and there’s so much energy in your dance-floor shots too. Great work.
  7. David Campbell — WOW, insane! Amazing coverage and what an awesome venue.
  8. lisa lacroix — What a beautiful, wonderful wedding. This couple makes me smile with them 🙂
  9. Amber Hughes — This wedding is stupidly awesome from start to finish! I love all the genuine moments you’ve captured and the portraits are fantastic. Seriously loving the wedding party shots.
  10. Chelsea parsons — You are seriously awesome. What a treat of a wedding to shoot!
  11. Heather Elizabeth — UGFH! This Wedding. Everything about it was so damn good. And your photography was top notch. Cheers!
  12. Jessie — LOVE this wedding! The close up black and white of them looking down is so timeless and beautiful!
  13. Anton Chia — Great couple! Love the dance floors and the ceremony shots!
  14. Mandy — What a gorgeous couple, I love all of the photos. The shots with the willow tree are my favorites, but I have a thing for willows. 🙂
  15. kit — beautifully captured! love all the details!
  16. Rachelle — Absolutely love the bridal party shots and the couple portraits! This wedding looks insanely fun. Katie and Corey are also ridiculously good looking and obviously have great style!
  17. abbey deer — This wedding is stunning! i know its not in america hahah so where is this?
  18. Damian Burcher — What a great location and a great couple. Love the tender black and white one of them hugging and also the one where they are defocussed and the curving road behind them, sort of signifies their future journey, great pictorial metaphor.
  19. Kim — Beautifully captured. Such a sweet and loving couple.
  20. Sinereh Soleimani — What a beautiful wedding! I absolutely love the photos of them walking with the cows in the background.
  21. Donna Nugent — Beautiful work Eric – I love seeing a wedding through your eyes!! Can’t wait to see Belinda’s NZ wedding too – you rock 🙂

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