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Sharmene & Jarryd

I think there’s a part of everyone that wants get married on a tropical desert island. Perhaps it’s the idea of escaping it all and being free from our concrete jungles to be surrounded by ocean, sand and palm trees – the ACTUAL jungle. Sharmene is from the Philippines, but ultimately what led this couple to get married here was essentially that – ‘why not!?’.

The Palawan is a paradise like no other. To me it feels pure, clean and untouched. It’s warm but the sun is gentle, the water is refreshingly cool, but not ice cold. A gentle breeze dances in the air, just enough to tickle the giant palms. The Palawan is one of the few places I’ve been to on Earth that doesn’t feel conquered by man. It’s unspoilt. I felt humbled by its grandeur. Being there your mind bends comprehending the the millions of years it took for the ocean to slowly carve away the limestone rock columns that tower above the ocean. The flying fish skipping across the water point to an intricate and incomprehensible ecosystem residing below the shiny surface of the crystal clear waters. You can probably tell, the Palawan spoke loudly to me, but that’s just one pillar of this story…

Sharemene & Jarryd are ‘real’ people. They have a grounded perspective on life few of us grasp. Having adopted Sharmene’s younger sister, life catapulted these guys quickly into adulthood. As a result these two feel like old souls, mature far beyond their years. They have calm, kind, peaceful souls. Despite me being a touch older than these two, I left the Philippines admiring them. I hope as you enjoy their story and that you will fall in love with them, just as I did.


Second Shooter – Katie Harmsworth (always a pleasure darling)

Venue – Miniloc Island Resort, El Nido, Philippines (an incredible wedding venue with amazing staff)

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