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Wow, wow, wow. I’ve just returned home from Photographyfarm’s FarmShop18 in the UK. Holy smokes what an experience. I joined stellar lineup Gabe McClintockThe TwinsNeil Thomas DouglasJennifer Moher & Tu Nguyen presenting at two back-to-back workshops in Brighton and Edinburgh.

This was my first overseas presenting gig so I was pooping my pants a little. Also, as much as I can switch it on when I need to, having little respite from ongoing human contact was a daunting prospect. Despite all that, it was a massive success and a truly wonderful and life changing experience for me. I absolutely loved talking shop, sharing what I know and introducing Vegemite to the UK. However, the real gift for me was on a personal level – I feel enriched and inspired by the truly special connections formed with my fellow speakers and the new friendships gained with the talented and enthusiastic attendees.

To Lisa Devlin, the organizer of this killer event, I can’t thank you enough for this incredible opportunity.

I was flat out the whole time so didn’t get much time to document, however, I did enjoy running some live shoot sessions with four glorious couples. I’d love for you to take a look…

  1. Brendi — Congratulations that you are going forward. You take good pictures and develop and this is the most important feature of successful people.
  2. Lisa Devlin — Bloody Brilliant Eric, I am so thrilled that you said yes and we got you to the UK. You have inspired me and all the Farmers that heard you talk or went on your shoots. You are a gorgeous soul and an incredible photographer. I massively appreciate all of your efforts and that you have presented these couples with such beautiful images. I have the ‘Love You’s on my eyelids for you forever xo

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