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Aya & Hadi

On my travels long ago I ventured to Jordan in the Middle East. During that time Jordan was surrounded by conflict predominantly in Iraq & Lebanon. Sadly today that is still the case, however now that conflict has focused onto another of Jordan’s neighbors – Syria. Fortunately, unlike its neighbors, Jordan has managed to avoid any serious conflict in recent times. It has maintained its stability and peace against the odds. It’s a place of exotic culture, steeped in history and heartwarming friendliness and hospitality. My time in Jordan reiterated how misunderstood this part of the world is, but that is a conversation for another day.

What I am excited to share with you is a love story of two souls so intertwined they are one and the same. Aya and Hadi reside in Canada with Aya originally from Jordan. It was fitting for them to celebrate their love, faith, and heritage on this holy and ancient earth. How special it was…


‘Eric and Katie, you guys are fucking magic. After looking at the photos for the first time, I just looked at Hadi and was like, ‘we got married’. I’m quite emotional right now so bear with me for a second; thank you for being incredible in every sense, thank you for going the extra 100 miles for us that entire week, thank you for always being comforting faces during the whole process. We keep telling everyone you guys were the best decision we made and the photos prove it and a 100x times over. Thank you. The photos are beyond anything we could have ever dreamed of. I hope we get to meet again so I can give you both big hugs. Xx Aya & Hadi’

Second Shooter – Katie Harmsworth (thank you SO much, as always)

Wedding planner – Shahin and Shahin
Flowers & Decor – Shahin Flowers
Makeup – Alia Bitar
Dress – Pronovias
Shoes – Adrianna Papell
Rings – Gain Jewellery

  1. Tristan — Mate. Next fucking level. Loved every single image.
  2. Ben Murphy — DUDE. This is real. Love it so much
  3. MATT STREATFEILD — Holy Mother Effin Sh!tballs – This is Game Over! Epic isn’t enough…

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