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Eliza & Greg

Something I often talk about with my photographer buddies is the idea of ‘resistance’. Resistance can be crippling.

As artists, we pretend to be confident in what we create, but in reality, to share our work is a vulnerable act, and it’s scary. To create something is to express the most inner and deepest parts of ourselves. And yes, that even applies to wedding photography.

Sometimes that fear can result in resistance, and if that takes ahold it can get the better of you. It did for me. I’ve had a crazy year and to be honest, I haven’t felt resilient enough to share a lot of my work. Meanwhile, over this past year I’ve been pushing and expressing myself in my photography more than ever. After all, it’s my therapy. My happy place. So I’d be crazy not to share it.

Recently, I feel like I’ve broken through some barriers and have entered a new chapter. I’m now feeling excited to share more of my precious wedding stories, and there’s lots to come.

With that all said, this story I’m sharing with you now is about Eliza & Greg. These guys know how to get it done. The whole day was a feast for the eyeballs. Importantly though, that did not overshadow what this couple, along with their family and friends were there to celebrate.

Featured on Hello May


Eliza’s Dress – Inbal Dror 

Stylist – She Designs 

Florist – Moss Nest 

DJ – We Play Records

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