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Jess & Abe

I’m sure this story will be one the most important things I ever do in my life.

In my mind, this is what weddings, and life itself for that matter, are all about – people.

There’s lots to say about Jess and Abe’s story, and I’ve written a little bit more down below, but for now, let’s go to the photos…

I felt a little daunted with what to write about this. I could write pages, or nothing at all. I’ve decided to keep it brief.

Jess and Abe enquired a mere two weeks prior to the wedding. They decided to do a ‘shotgun wedding’, knowing that things weren’t looking too good in terms of Jess’ health. When we first caught up, we instantly connected, and I knew that I was going to be part of something incredibly special, powerful and definitely challenging.

My task was to photograph the legacy of a mother for her husband and daughter. Like I say, I’m sure this story will be one the most important things I ever do in my life. I lost my brother to cancer some years ago, and my son Fox is a similar age to the gorgeous little Clementine, so there was a great deal I could relate to with Jess & Abe’a story. I think that made me the right guy for the job, but it certainly made it extra tough too.

I put all that I could muster into photographing this, and I hope for Abe, Clementine and all of Jess’ friends and family, that it’s enough. I hope that my photos do Jessica’s beautiful spirit justice, because anyone who knew her knows that no words can.

No bride should have their day begin with radiotherapy treatment, however it did for Jess, and she didn’t once let that detract from her day. In fact, she spent most of the day smiling and beaming with joy. Her sprit was magnetic and in an incredibly short amount of time, she along with Abe & Clem became my friends. During our portrait session we reminisced about our favourite Beasite Boys albums and 80s movies, and when we weren’t doing that, Jess had Abe and I in hysterics with her delightfully filthy sense of humour. But also, when the heavy moments inevitably came along, she didn’t fight them, she let them happen. That in itself was beautiful.

The time I spent with Jess will have a lasting impact on me and photographing their story will always have an important place in my heart.

A massive thanks to my friend Renee Blake Design who collaborated with me on designing Jess & Abe’s album which I have replicated in this post.

All proceeds from photographing this wedding have been donated to the Peter Mac Foundation. If you would like to donate you can do so here.

Thank you Abe for allowing me to share your story.

  1. Mel — What a moving story, I am speechless. You have captured some beautiful honest moments that will be cherished for a lifetime. Well done mate, truely beautiful work.
  2. Kyle Larson — All I can say is that this story moved me beyond words. Thank you for sharing. Simply beautiful.
  3. Leslie Larsen — As Jess’s Aunt this is a beautiful legacy. Thank you
  4. Morgan — Mate. I knew as soon as you posted this that it would be hard. Of course the design is perfect. Something I find hard to wrangle with is cutting away and cutting away until we can get to this stuff – just for everyone, not just when it “matters”. Because it always matters. Just knowing this was going to happen doesn’t make the moments any more important. Thanks for sharing honest work. x

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