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Stace & Dan

There’s just something about those Californian Redwoods. As humans we shrink to the size of ants, humbled by their gigantism. A reminder of who is boss. Under the Sequoia canopy, the forest floor is a supple blanket of crispy burnt orange leaves. The air is still. Pools of sunlight trickle through. The faintest sound; the crack of a twig, the laughing of a kookaburra echo throughout. It is a moving and spiritual place. Mother nature’s church. Stace and Dan first met in this very spot while working on a film together several years prior. There could be no more perfect to place for them dedicate their lives to each other.

Featured in Hello May 2017 Real Wedding Special


Second shooter – Katie Harmsworth

Bridal gown designer – Stacey O’Connor & Lexi Starcevich

Bridal Gown maker – Lexi Starcevich

Hair / Makeup – Olivia Still

Dan’s Suit – Oscar Hunt

Florist – North St Botanical

Catering / Stylist / Planner – Firecracker

Drinks Caravan – Tom Collins Caravan Bar

Celebrant – John Von Goes

  1. Martin Dabek — Amazing location and great images. Well done!

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