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Sib & Jonny


Sib only asked for one thing… “Eric! I have a ridiculously large love for cows and would love to have a photo of us with a cow (or cows!) in the background.” So we did. Sib in her fancy wedding dress jumped a big gate and tiptoed around fresh cowpats so I could fulfill her special request. I even think we got some ok photos sans Cow as well.

But seriously though, behind the laughs, it was very clear to me that there is a deep and sincere love that runs between these two. So, as much as I love cows (and I really do), it was those heartfelt moments that were the most special to capture.

As much as I love my destination work, I equally love shooting on home turf, so I am really excited to share more stories like this one.

I hope you enjoy checking out Sib & Jonny’s wedding day…



Venue – Zonzo Estate

  1. Tommy — Outstanding photography! Love the photo of the couple entering the door way.

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