Sam & Dave

Simple actions and emotions can represent so much as a couple enter a new chapter in their lives… As Dave and all of the guests waited patiently for the ceremony to begin, Sam and her father paused  outside; cool, calm and collected, and with a few moments to spare. Sam’s father held her bouquet as she gently brushed specs of dust from his jacket. She gently removed his glasses and polished them with all the care of a loving daughter. Sam and her father shared a special moment at the beginning of what would be a very special day. Sam’s father then turned to me, and in his delightful Greek accent said, ‘she’s a very good daughter’. They linked arms and walked into the garden; a garden filled with golden autumn leaves, family, friends and her husband to be.


Dress - BHDLN 


Jason Vdm - These are beautiful!

David Moore - Really nice story telling with your images. Beautiful use of light too.

Eric - Thanks Sue. The light that day was insanely good!

sue - beautiful autumn colours and a great capture of a dutiful daughter tending to her father – love that emotion and tenderness

stacy - very coool!!! nicley done!!!

Claire & Erwin

As soon as I turned off the Princess Highway I knew it was going to be a beautiful wedding. The road wound through misty rainforest and eventually opened up to overlook to the coastal town of Apollo Bay in Victoria. I quickly stopped off in town to grab a quick bite to eat and a coffee before heading up to Claire and Erwin’s home where Claire was getting ready. The bitumen turned to gravel as I headed away from the coast and up towards their weatherboard house, perched above the town amongst the grassy hills. I couldn’t believe the amazing panoramic view! I headed inside where Claire and her sister where calmly getting themselves ready to a relaxing soundtrack of their favourite songs. I quickly fell into the chilled-out pace and started snapping away. It was a great start to an awesome day…

Hair & Makeup artist - Jenna Grundy

Shari Trimble - I’ve looked at this post over and over…I love it! Beautiful images, gorgeous colours and tones.

Michelle Dupont - Beautiful, beautiful images Eric. Am so glad I’ve discovered your work :-)

Eric - Glad you like! It was a special day. Thanks for commenting.

Jessica Fike - New fan here! LOVE this wedding…great pictures, great colors, great angles. :)

marjorie - i love your work,thanks for share it.i appreciate your artistic view of the wedding.

Eric - Hey Lucia, thanks for your comment. If you’re keen shoot me off an email and see if we can work something out, you never know. I’ve got some family in San Fran so you never know when I might be in your neck of the woods. Cheers, Eric

Lucia Massoni - Wow!!!!! Love, love, love your photos! I sure do wish you lived in or near San Francisco!!!!

Take care,

Natalia - so. beautiful :) (kiss shot by the beach is my favourite!)

Eric - Hey Britta, I shoot literally thousands of shots on a wedding day so film just doesn’t suit my style. I do get a real buzz shooting film though and save it for personal projects. Thanks for your kind words. Say hi to Germany for me.

Britta - ooooh – i LOVE it!
do you shoot film?

greeting from germany

Joe + Rin getting married, preston style

These cool kids Joe & Rin got married at their house in Preston. I could go on about how great the people were and how awesome the wedding was but I think the shots speak for themselves…

Flowers - Vasette

Hair & Makeup Artist - Lady Day

Reka - Oh my GOD! This is my dreamwedding! The best wedding that i have been seen ever! <3 !!!

THE LUCY CHASE PROJECT // Joe and Rin - [...] wedding of Joe and Rin was captured by the amazing Melbourne based Eric Ronald. Thank you for [...]

Libby - OHMYGOD cakes from the Birthday Cake Book! BEST CAKE TABLE EVER!

Also, I am now addicted to your blog.

Eric - Hey Lauren, thanks for you comments. I actually shot this wedding entirely on the 5D mkII with the 35mm 1.4 just to switch it up a bit.

Lauren - These photos are so beautiful – I love the colours. What do lens and camera do you use? These almost have a film quality to them!