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Sally & Tim

It has been a time of transition for me recently. Six months ago I became a father. It’s a beautiful and incredible experience; the whole dad thing. It’s also a big change. Anyone that tells you differently is straight up lying to you. The experience has encouraged me to question and reassess who I am, what my values are, all that kind of big stuff. It was difficult at first, but I’ve come to a point where I am embracing the change, and seizing the opportunity to become a better person. Why am I writing this you ask?

If you’ve spoken with me about photography before, then you know that I’m extremely passionate about what I do. People can sometimes seem puzzled that I am not only passionate about photography, but specifically, wedding photography. Recently I’ve been thinking about this, and have had a bit of a realisation… Maybe it isn’t the wedding itself that I am passionate about, but more than that, a wedding represents an opportunity for me to document life itself.

Wow, I’m going deep on this one aren’t I!?

I can go into specifics another time, but I have experienced great pain in my life, as have many of you reading this. One of the things to come from that for me is that I feel compelled to savour this precious human experience that we share; the joy, the pain, the love, the sadness. Life is a full spectrum of feelings and emotions, and if you look closely, they are all present on a wedding day. I am hard wired to capture this stuff. I feel like it is what I have been put on earth to do. I love to document life, to freeze these moments in time; to capture a real story with real characters with real life feelings and emotions. My camera is the perfect tool for me to do that. But enough about me…

In the Southern Hemisphere of our planet lies an island off an island off an island – Bruny Island. Bruny lies off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, not actually that far from Antarctica. Almost the end of the earth. The only way to get to the island is by ferry, or by air. There is a feeling of disconnection from the ‘real world’ which makes it quite a special place, the perfect place for Sally and Tim to celebrate their wedding day. It was a casual affair, but carried the gravity of an epic day. It was whimiscal, peaceful, poetic and deeply moving. Tears flowed almost as much as the wine and let me tell you, it was a special occasion to photograph.

Featured on Junebug Weddings


Dress – Mr Zimi

Flowers – Lisa Kingston Flowers

Caterers – Touching Space

Necklace – Dinosaur Designs 

Shoes – Funkis

Groom’s Suit – Asos

Groom’s Shoes – Ted Baker

Groom’s Shirt – Jack London

Groom’s Bowtie & Pocket Square – OTAA

Track – Lullatone ‘A Little Song About Snowdrops’

  1. Jakub — Eric! Brilliant work amigo.
  2. DAmien — Beautiful stuff eric, glad i have come across your work :o)
  3. Nick Evans — Love Bruny Island. Love this wedding. Love your photos. Nice work Eric, good words too man, they resonate with me a lot.
  4. Mark Elkins — Love the consistency and beauty in the story telling. Awesome job!
  5. Susan — Love in it’s purest form. Beautifully captured and love all the amazing moments and emotions.
  6. heather nan — So much charm and joy and color! I love scrolling through these. Incredible work.
  7. Rach — Everything here is wonderful.
  8. Debbie Mayes — I love how bright and crisp your images are, wonderful job!
  9. Jessie — What a beautiful wedding! I love the angle and the shot you got of their first kiss at ceremony!
  10. Elissa — Gorgeous! I love all of the color in this wedding. Her nontraditional dress, his socks… fantastic.
  11. Yolande Marx — Your couple portraits are so stunning! I love how intimate and emotional they are.
  12. Darren Gair — Stunning work, some truly unique moments capturing in a jaw dropping location.. !
  13. Libby — These are such beautifully emotive images, thought I’d come out of lurking to say how thoroughly moved I am.
  14. Jason — Insane Eric. Your work is verging on mad. Congrats to the beautiful Sally & Tim!
  15. Will Kim — You captured their day perfectly! Love their portraits as well!
  16. bryan — what a beautiful wedding! and great coverage of it- there are so many great scene-setting photos, and some really lovely emotions captured.
  17. Katinka Smith — Full sun+ water = freak out! NAILED it Eric! Well done and wow what a gorgeous wedding!
  18. Shari — Beautiful work Eric!
  19. Jai Long — I love the story man. The written words and the images.
  20. Cassie — Definitely hard wired to capture the emotion Ez. Beautiful x
  21. Lucy — Lovely work Eric! So delicate. Really nice.
  22. Madeline — I love this Eric! So unique and special.
  23. Veronica Varos — What an amazing, awesome, fun day! Gorgeous couple, stunning location, and so many smiling faces!

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