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Rangi & Pras / Part 2


Rangi and her family are originally from Sri Lanka. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to go. On this occasion Katie and I just scratched the surface but got enough of a taste to know that it’s one very special place. What was even more special was the beautiful connection that was forming between Rangi, Pras, Katie & myself. In fact, my favourite part of my time in Sri Lanka went undocumented, which is what I’d like to share with you…

A few days prior to the actual wedding, we did a little shoot near Rangi’s grandfather’s home. Since his passing his beautiful art deco property has become a holiday house of sorts, and remains a place of great significance for the family, in particular for Rangi’s father who spent his childhood there. After we finished the shoot it was pitch black and Rangi, Pras, Katie and myself returned to the house completely soaked, giggling like little school kids. Rangi’s family looked at us in utter bemusement and then went to fetch us some dry clothes. I was given a baggy red t-shirt. We, ‘the kids’ spent the rest of the evening playing Carrom (a Sri Lankan checkers game) and a bit of Uno, while the ‘grown ups’ sat in the dining room enjoying adult conversation over cups of tea. Finally we all came together to enjoy a delicious Sri Lankan feast which included the best Chili Sambal I’ve ever tasted. It was such a beautiful evening and the way Katie and I were welcomed into their loving, generous family warmed our hearts. Both coming from small families, for Katie and I this packed even more punch. No cameras, just good times.

I think that’s an example of how Katie and I were able to invest so much into this epic 3 part wedding story. These are beautiful people guys, truly…


Second Shooter – Katie Harmsworth

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