My Mr Fox

I’d like to introduce you to my most trusted advisor – Fox Lee Ronald.

He may be younger than me but is much wiser, well beyond his years. Here’s some of his finest attributes…

– If he ever sees a helicopter or airplane he will stop and look in amazement

– When he sees a tram he will wave to everyone on board

– He speaks his mind eg. if he doesn’t like what he is eating he will be sure and say ‘bit disgusting reckon’

– He knows the difference between police, ambulance and fire sirens

– If he is sad, he will announce that he is sad

– If he sees a puddle, he will jump in it

– He may not be able to count, but he knows the name of every single bit of earth moving machinery there is

– He likes to make up songs about things that he likes eg. diggers, dump trucks, etc

– He enjoys a good hug

– At night, after you’ve read him a story and sung him a song he shuffles around in bed to make himself comfortable and then says ‘I lub you’