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Maristella & Chris

I have wanted to shoot a wedding in the US for a long time. I even have a US passport (thanks Mum!). These things can’t be forced though. The timing has to be right.

It was clear the time was right when Maristella, Chris and I had a little video chat online and introduced our respective pooches. Yes, the picture that you have in your mind of us awkwardly holding our disinterested canines up to the camera is spot on. We had to make this happen.

Not only that, but my good buddy Jared decided to come along for the ride which made it extra fun. He’s one half of legendary wedding videography team Humdrum Films. On this occasion though he nominated himself has humble bag carrier, lighting assistant and caffeine supplier. He also kindly escorted me from a dive bar when my innocent and inquisitive discussion about Donald Trump with a rather inebriated and outspoken patron started to go downhill rapidly 😬

The instant rapport was there when Maristella, Chris, Jared and I met in the flesh for the first time in a carpark in Joshua Tree across the road from Quiznos. Lots of laughs (mainly at our accents I think), but also what was apparent was how warm, gentle and at ease these two are in each others presence. It’s clear they are each others safe place. Furthermore, they have both experienced losing someone close to them which no doubt cements their connection. With myself having lost someone myself, that relatability allowed me to reach to the deeper, more complex layers that exist in any story.

As a photographer with a love of capturing human spirit and connection I couldn’t ask for anything more…


Thank you so much Maristella and Chris for entrusting me with capturing your story. 

Photography Assistant – Jared Kettle (thanks again mate!)
Dress – Berta
Florals- Soiree
Hair / Makeup Artist – Monica & Monique Santos
Venue – Lake Oak Meadows
Videography – Armor in Motion

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