Hand grenade of joy

About 5 years ago my parents moved from my home town of Warrnambool in South-West Victoria to the East cost of Tasmania. I don’t get over there as much as I’d like, but since their move, Tassie has turned into my second home where I can have some quality time with the folks, as well enjoying exploring all of the awesomeness that Tassie crams into it’s little hand grenade of joy.

These photos were taken by both Katie and I. We had a bunch of fun exploring and photographing the incredible landscape as well as snapping each other (hence the embarrassing photos of me getting my model on) while road tripping around the place in Dad’s car singing along to classic 90’s R&B tunes such as Fantasy by Mariah Carey. For the record that was Katie’s choice, not mine, although strangely I knew a lot of the words.