Maryke + Eddie

Brooke and I have been doing yoga recently and the instructor always talks about being a ‘quiet observer’. It a pretty awesome concept of calming the ‘controller’ in your mind and just being present in the moment without thought, fear or judgment.

It’s funny, as a photographer I constantly want to improve my craft and push myself to take better photos. I’m sure in years time I will have that same desire. It’s kind of like a journey without a destination but I love every step of the way. It’s something that occupies a lot of thought, perhaps sometimes too much. I guess it’s the cost of doing something you are so passionate about.

The reason it’s funny is that to me some of the most powerful images (whether they be mine or from someone else) are the ones that aren’t meticulously thought out or premeditated. In some ways they take the least effort. They are fleeting life moments that are natural and genuine.

When I see the shots of Maryke’s mother looking at her daughter in the dress for the first time or Eddie looking at his wife with that cheeky loving grin, I know that I’ve done my job. They are precious memories frozen in time forever. It’s those moments when you are taking the photo you don’t ‘think’, you just ‘do’. The shot almost finds itself. It’s like being a quiet observer.

Dress - Melanie Liertz (collaboration with Bride), Grooms jacket – Godwin Charli, Hair & Make Up - Samantha Coles , Flowers – The Flower Jar

Featured on – Hello May

Music – Cat Power ‘Sea of Love’ (buy on iTunes HERE)

Rob - Just a little bit amazing! A faultless, incredible set of images.

wedding photographers Melbourne - This blog is highly informatics, crisp and clear.

Martin Price - Absolutely stunning set of photos. I bet Maryke and Eddie were delighted with them! :-)

Martin Turner - I absolutely love these. I really like you black and whites. Very inspiring thanks for sharing.

Nick - Wonderful work, Eric! Beautifully captured moments, as always :)

Maryke - Thankyou for being amazing Eric! People are constantly asking who took the photo’s, your ears must’ve been burning since May! :)

Leah - Everything about this wedding is so LUSH! It oozes gorgeousness. Beautifully captured.

David Moore - So true Eric. You just hit the nail on the head. That there is what wedding photography is all about. Oh yeah, and rocking a velvet jacket ;)

Clare - Once again… Amazing !

alyda - so great eric! oh and I love their clothes – best dress and suit ever!

Hop & Toad

These guys gave themselves only a few weeks to organise their wedding. It’s not often I get an enquiry for a wedding in a matter of weeks but luckily I was available. We caught up, drank coffee and got to know each other. We knew it was meant to be. It amazed me how they were so positive and stress-free about something that most people would find unachievable. The love they have for one another radiated out of them.

Their wedding was perched up high in the bush with views of the calm sea below. The sun was warm, the beers were cold and they were gathered with their precious family and friends. They joked that it was a shotgun wedding, but it felt so right, like it had been planned for a very long time.

And for those wondering, I shot a couple of rolls on the Holga and the G2 on this one.

Lila - Please can you tell me the location of this place, it’s stunning!!

Eric Ronald - Courtney, they are based in Australia but I’m sure you could get your hands on one in the US. Check out their website

courtney - Hi there,

I know Gwendolynne is an Australian designer. Are there any stores in the U.S. that carry her designs. Please please let me know!!

Pam Hopkins (Hop’s mum) - Hi Eric,
Hop and Toad (our daughter Sarah, & Michael) are now safely in Houston, Texas.(we plan to visit them in the middle of the year) They gave us the most beautiful book of their wedding as a thank you which gives me great pleasure. I couldn’t agree with the comments above on your photography and Sarah and Michaels’ absolute delight with each other and their special day as shown through your work.

I have a question regarding the possiblilty of you printing a wide shot of their wedding for me. I have a wide shot ( 30 long x 14 high) of our son’s wedding here in our garden in Ocean Grove. It has a white photo type border and i believe the photgrapher shot 6 ? photos in rapid succession.

I would love to put a similar wide shot of my daughter’s wedding next to her brother’s wedding on our pin board. The shot you took of the hut in Lorne with great oean road coast behind would be awesome, but i understand it may not work if widened (You can see I know nothing about photography!)

Please let me know if possible and how I would pay you.

Kind Regards Eric,


Eric - Hey Cristal, the wedding was at a small camping ground in Lorne on the Great Ocean Road. A beautiful spot.

Cristal - Where is this location? Quite gorgeous.

Sharina Wunderink - Your work is absolutely stunning!
Not to mention that this wedding is amazing.

The bride and groom both have huge gorgeous smiles. :D

Eric - Hi Abbie, thanks for your comment. Her dress is by Gwendolynne.

Abbie Read - Beautiful photos… and yes please could you tell me more about the design of her stunning dress

Liza - Love the story you tell through your images Eric. Hop & Toad…fab names!

Eric - Lauren, you guessed right – Gwendolynne.

Lauren - …..thinking it may be Gwendolynne? Thanks for sharing these beautiful pics :)

Lauren - Amazingly beautiful photos, and stunningly perfect dress – I must know where it’s from, pretty please? :)

Eric - Michele & Carly, I’ll find out. Stand by…

Michele - Absolutely exquisite photos!! Her dress is stunning as well- do you know who the designer is?

Carly - I just love this. Great job! You wouldn’t happen to know who designed her dress would you?

Chelsea Parsons - love seeing your work Eric

Eric - Thanks guys! Liv, you will for sure.

Liv - These are fantastic! Love the film ones – hope to see some more in your future posts!!

David Moore - Absolutely stunning images Eric. Loving the inclusion of some film too. You have captured their wedding story so beautifully.

Aysha & Stu

When they caught eyes at the ceremony you could instantly see the comfort and warmth they took from one another. The deep bond they share was so apparent. On Aysha and Stu’s wedding day, the light was softened by the clouds above and accompanied by the pitter patter of rain drops. It was so pure, gentle and peaceful; much like their love for one another.

Dress - Anaessia

Flowers - Wild at Heart

Hair - Kristy Bassett

Makeup - Colette Miller

Aysha - Eric, we absolutely love the photos you captured of our wedding day! You captured the mood of the location, the people and the details beautifully. We will treasure these photos always.

Liza Vandali-Nunns - You are truly inspirational Eric.
You capture all the little moments so beautifully….

& the big ones too :)

Love your work!