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Who is Eric

I have always been passionate about telling stories. Originally I was drawn to cinematography. Today I find myself drawn to capturing real stories for real people.

Many years of my life have been spent finely crafting images. I learnt the technical aspects and image making during my time in television and explored the art of light and the language of visual storytelling during my time in filmmaking. My past experiences have been super helpful and influence how I photograph a great deal. It may surprise you, but in some ways photographing a wedding day is not unlike making a film. It’s all about crafting a story through the lens. I like to do that with a unique and creative kind of vibe while steering well clear of Cheese Town.

I love the energy on a wedding day and to be a fly on the wall with my camera is always an awesome experience for me. There is always something to photograph; whether it be the the people, the place, or tiny little details. However in my mind, the most important thing for me to photograph are those special, fleeting moments that happen organically throughout the day. Authentic moments of human connection. Laughs, tears, joy and romance. These moments are the fabric of every story, and life in general  for that matter.

Life is about our relationships. In my mind, human connection is everything. One of my most important relationships is with my son Fox. I love him dearly. He is still young, but I set out on my relationship with him with the hope to pass on whatever wisdom I am able to collect in this life, just as my parents did for me. Funnily enough, it seems more often than not Fox is the teacher and I am his student. He reminds me to live life in the moment, be amazed, hug lots and laugh often.

Another important relationship I hold is with my brother, Lee. Sadly he left this earth far too young, but he lived long enough to leave his mark on me, and those that surrounded him. He lives in in my heart and continues to inspire me to be a better man. To be strong, caring, compassionate, and to dare to be different.

For me it’s important to remember that every story is different, every couple is different, every wedding is different. I will reflect that in my pictures.

I pride myself on continually trying new ideas and experimenting on new ways to craft images and tell stories with my pictures. The couples that I work with are excited about this, and give me the trust necessary to go on that adventure with me. I put a whole lotta love into what I do and my hope is that your pictures with be something new, unique, and be a true representation of you and your wedding story.

My heroes? Of course my brother Lee. But also my Mum and Dad – Peter & Shelly. They have taught me to follow your dreams and live a life of purpose, care, integrity and compassion. I’m also so incredibly lucky to have my gorgeous and talented partner Katie in my life. Both our similarities and our differences could not be more perfect. We love and embrace each others uniqueness and we constantly inspire each other to grow as individuals, as a couple and as photographers. But also, most importantly, we remind each other to be silly, as much as possible.

When we eventually leave this world and venture into the unknown, I believe that the only mark we truly leave behind lies is our relationships; our friends, our family and our partners. I think that is essentially what I am drawn to do when I pick up the camera; yes I want to create powerful images that you can proudly hand on your wall, but I also want to capture you and your precious moments and connections with those around you and most importantly, your soon-to-be husband/wife.




Where are you?

You can take the boy out of the country, and put him in Prahran, Melbourne, Australia. Home of trendy haircuts, chia smoothie’s, skinny jeans, and kick-ass wedding photography.


How much do you cost?

I’m not for sale, but my wedding photography services most definitely are. My rate starts at AUD$4,500. For more info and detailed pricing please get in touch using the contact form below. 

But our wedding is in a galaxy far, far away…

I love the variety of what I do. It keeps me fresh. I also love to travel, very much. So whether you are getting married close to home or in far away lands please don’t hesitate to drop me a line. I’d love to hear from you.

Do you do albums?

Yes indeed. Albums are the ultimate way to present your wedding story. I guarantee beautifully designed & printed, non-cheesy album goodness. These guys will live on your coffee table, not under the bed. No tweezers or white gloves required. For info and pricing please get in touch.

I was recently awarded the 2017 AIPP AUSTRALIAN ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Head over HERE to check it out. 

Do you do those family photos?

I know, I know, they can be a pain but I do encourage all my couples to get onboard the family portrait train. For the sake of 15 minutes of your precious time we can keep the mums and dads happy and create a lovely record of you with your loved ones so that in decades to come you can look look at how much everyone has aged and how funny everyones hairstyles and outfits look.

How do we receive the photos?

There’s a lot more info on this in my pricing guide, but in a nutshell you will first see your wedding story as a slideshow online. Have the kleenex on standby for that one. What’s a slideshow you ask? Here’s an example…

After you check out your slideshow soon after you will receive your entire photo collection via your very own online gallery. Lastly, you will receive a pretty little parcel in the post containing you USB plus a few other goodies.

Does anyone else tag along?

Most of the time I shoot solo. For me and my approach, generally I find shooting on my own gets the best results. I’m told I have a ninja-like ability to be everywhere at once too. That said, once in a while for whatever reason an additional shooter may be a good idea in which case can I tee that up.

Where possible, for overseas and destination weddings I often bring along my super lovely and talented partner Katie Harmsworth. We make a good team and enjoy collaborating together. You can check out her awesome work here.

Should we feed you?

If you can pop me down down for a vego meal at the reception that would be awesome. I’ll happily survive on my musli bars, bananas and coffee prior to that.

Do you work with videographers?

Yes, BUT… Do keep in mind that it is important they are on the same page and follow my lead. Y’know, be the Goose to my Maverick. Also, lots of lights and tripods can get on my goat, and in my shot. Scroll down to the next section for some recommendations.

I’m a photographer. Can you teach me stuff?

Absolutely. I run a workshop / glamping / retreat kind of thing from time to time called Sweat Shop. Head to the website to keep updated on when and where the next ones are going down.

I also run one-on-one all day mentor sessions which can be particularly helpful because I can cater them specifically for you and your requirements. Drop me a line if you’re keen!

I’ve also got some other ideas in the pipeline in regards to photographer education and training. Stay tuned.

Is there anything else we should know about you Eric?

I am a member of the AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photography) and am a proud supporter of Animals Australia, Australian Marriage Equality & Oxfam.

What is life?

Now that’s a good question. I often ask that myself. Not real sure as yet, but probably something to do with love, kindness, the big guy/girl upstairs, and mid-century Scandinavian furniture.


Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to photograph at some awesome venues and work with some incredible people that are super passionate about what they do. Here are some of my favourites…


Humdrum Films, VIC

Moon and Back, VIC

Light Noise Films, NSW

Lovely Day Pictures, VIC

Tango Films, VIC

Lemon Tree Films, NSW

Shark Pig, USA

Velare, USA


Butterland, Newstead, VIC

Euroa Butter Factory, VIC

Glasshaus, Melbourne

Gather & Tailor, Melbourne

Laurens Hall, Melbourne

The Church of Bang Bang Boogaloo, Melbourne

YL Residence, Koh Samui

Samujana, Koh Samui

Sri Panwa, Phuket

Criffel Station, Wanaka, New Zealand

Dress Designers

One Day Bridal


Rue De Seine

Caterers / Booze

Firecracker, Victoria

Tom Collins Caravan Bar, Victoria

Bursaria, Victoria


Blooming Brides, Melbourne

Cecilia Fox, Melbourne

Botanics of Melbourne, Melbourne

I Heart Flowers, Melbourne


Jo Betz, VIC

Damon Hughes, VIC

John Von Goes, VIC

Meriki Comito, VIC

Lisa Foster, VIC

Michael Webb, VIC

Photo Booths

Heartbreak Booth, VIC

Oh My Booth!, VIC

Makeup Artists

Caroline Massola, VIC

Janice Wu, VIC

Amy Kenny, VIC

Chantelle & Jade, VIC

Tiarna Robertson, VIC

Event Planning / Styling

The Style Co., VIC

Gorgeous, VIC

She Designs

Dot Dot Dash, VIC

Take Us To Thailand

Will & Jac, VIC

Feast of Love, VIC

Local Gatherings, VIC