Erin & Tom (Melbourne)

Featured on Hello May

I think one of the things that makes a wedding so special is that it’s a milestone, not just for the couple, but for everyone present. On a wedding day, you experience the full spectrum of emotion. You reflect on the past, live in the moment and dream about the future. It’s not something we tend to do every day. Of course, love and happiness fills the air at every wedding, but if you look deeper, there is always much more going on. No story is simple.

Erin and Tom both lost their fathers some years ago. I know first hand, the grief of loosing someone close; it’s something you carry with you, in part, forever. Photographing their wedding, I could feel the gravity of the day. On days like these, it’s like life gets condensed into a single day. Everything is amplified. Some chapters close, others begin. It’s a beautiful thing.

For something different, I brought along my Tachihara 4×5 wooden field camera a.k.a. the Tachy. So no, those are not fancy photoshop filters. That’s the real deal.

A big thanks to my buddy Oli Sansom for coming along to shoot with me.

Venue – Abbotsford Convent

Dress – Paolo Sebastian 

Hair/Makeup – Miss Gertrude

Flowers – I (Heart) Flowers

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